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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhicheverwhich‧ev‧er /wɪtʃˈevə $ -ˈevər/ ●●○ determiner, pronoun  1 NO MATTER WHAT/HOW MUCH ETCused to say that it does not matter which thing or person is chosen because the result will be the same It will be a difficult operation, whichever method you choose. Whichever way you look at it, things are pretty bad.2 DETAILused to refer to the member of a group of people or things that does something, is wanted, is possible etc Whichever player scores the highest number of points will be the winner. You can either have the double room or the family room, whichever you want. ‘Do you want tea or coffee?’ ‘I don’t mind – whichever one you’re making.’
Examples from the Corpus
whichever oneMeet the funeral director or the wedding lady and set up for whichever one is on the schedule.Normally this is not a matter for negotiation: whichever one the parent picks is the priority.Citizens choose between different teams of politicians and whichever one wins enacts the programme on which it campaigned.You know perfectly well that your shares won't suffer whichever one you go to.
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