2 noun
Related topics: Food Dish, Officials, Parliaments
1 [countable] a long thin piece of rope or leather with a handle, that you hit animals with to make them move or that you hit someone with to punish them:
The coachman cracked his whip and the carriage lurched forward.
2 [countable]PGPPGO a member of the US Congress or the British Parliament who is responsible for making sure that the members of their party attend and vote
3 [countable]PGP a written order sent to members of the British Parliament telling them when and how to vote three-line whip
4 [uncountable and countable] British EnglishDFF a sweet dish made from the white part of eggs and chocolate or fruit, beaten together to make a smooth light mixture:
pineapple whip

have the whip hand

to have power and control over someone

➔ crack the whip

at crack1 (14)

; ➔ give somebody a fair crack of the whip

at fair1 (9)

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