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whirlpoolwhirl‧pool /ˈwɜːlpuːl $ ˈwɜːrl-/ noun [countable]  1 TTWDNa powerful current of water that spins around and can pull things down into it2 (also whirlpool bath) a large bathtub that makes hot water move in strong currents around your body3 a whirlpool of emotion/activity etc
Examples from the Corpus
whirlpoolOutside, there is a sun terrace, small pool, children's pool and whirlpool with sea views.They hope to build eight single bedrooms with flats for families and a possible leisure complex with a swimming pool and whirlpool.Its two suites boasted whirlpool baths in which three could sit comfortably and four even more so.Just like that, she was sucked into the whirlpool that was threatening to swallow the Olympics.The whirlpools and other necessities are located in a smaller room.
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