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white elephant

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhite elephantˌwhite ˈelephant noun [countable]  USELESSsomething that is completely useless, although it may have cost a lot of money When the theatre first opened it was widely regarded as a white elephant.
Examples from the Corpus
white elephantSaracen ambassadors bring Charlemagne a white elephant complete with exotic trappings.The dam has become something of a white elephant.Cake and white elephant stalls plus a grand prize draw.More spaces are needed at less cost not another white elephant office block.What do you do with a huge white elephant like that?There's this picturesque white elephant development on the Costa del Sol, apparently going for a song.
From Longman Business Dictionarywhite elephantˌwhite ˈelephant noun [countable] something that is completely useless, even though it cost a lot of moneyThe hotel is unfinished and structurally unsound - a white elephant of epic proportions.
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