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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhite-knuckledˌwhite-ˈknuckled adjective  FRIGHTENEDif you have white-knuckled hands, your hands are held tightly in a fist because you are anxious or afraid
Examples from the Corpus
white-knuckledOne is myself, white-knuckled and terrified, as Jackie heads past the Casino towards the open sea at something like 150 m.p.h.white-knuckled driversIsabel found her gaze fixed in unwilling fascination on one white-knuckled fist.She saw his hands curl into white-knuckled fists and knew he was fighting to keep them at his sides.I could feel strong mechanical tremors vibrating in many directions within my white-knuckled grasp.Leonora gripped a rail with white-knuckled hands when the boat bucked as it met the wilder waters of the sound.The hands that normally give the despatch box a confident caress gripped it in white-knuckled nervousness.Rachel's hands were white-knuckled on the window-sill as she pictured it, vivid images burning into her mind.
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