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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhowho /huː/ ●●● S1 W1 pronoun  1 XXused to ask or talk about which person is involved, or what the name of a person is Who locked the door? Who do you work for? Who’s that guy with your wife? They never found out who the murderer was. She wondered who had sent the flowers.who to ask/contact/blame etc He doesn’t know who to vote for.who on earth/in the world etc (=used for emphasis when you are surprised, angry etc) Who on earth would live in such a lonely place? Who the hell are you?2 XXused after a noun to show which person or which people you are talking about Do you know the people who live over the road? the woman who was driving She was the one who did most of the talking.3 XXused, after a comma in writing, to add more information about a particular person or group of people that you have just mentioned I discussed it with my brother, who is a lawyer. Alison Jones and her husband David, who live in Hartlepool, are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.4 informal used to introduce a question that shows you think something is true of everyone or of no one We have the occasional argument. Who doesn’t (=everyone does)? Who wants to come second (=no one does)?5 who is somebody to do sth?6 who’s who
Examples from the Corpus
whoOh, now I know who he is!The talk was given by a man who used to live in Russia.Ron, who usually doesn't drink alcohol, had two beers.Who wants another beer?Who was that on the phone?who to ask/contact/blame etcHe doesn't know how to wear them and he doesn't know who to ask.The company's complaints department phoned Susan the next day to tell her who to contact.Relatives also need to know who to contact and how when an emergency arises. 8.Over the next few months we planned when to go, who to take, who to contact and why.Write to the addresses below to find out who to contact in your country.
WHOWHO /ˌdʌbəljuː eɪtʃ ˈəʊ/  the world health organizationWho, TheThe WhoWho, The  a British rock group whose members included Roger Daltrey, the group's main singer, and Pete Townshend. They first became popular in the mid-1960s and are known especially for their song My Generation and for their album Tommy. They sometimes used to end their performances by violently destroying their instruments.
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