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who is somebody to do sth?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwho is somebody to do sth?who is somebody to do sth?JUDGE spoken used to say that someone does not have the right or the authority to say or do something Who is she to order me around? who
Examples from the Corpus
who is somebody to do something?Who are you to tell me what to do?But who is qualified to lead us on this Crusade?Dean Cook, who is leaving to go back to university.Discussion about how each subject is to be covered will identify who is needed to do the teaching.First job is to check that Tony, a boy who is brought to school by mini-cab is in.It is not always the missionary who is reluctant to change outward forms.Rhodes is an outstanding defensive player who is expected to flourish as a small forward or shooting guard.This is a boon for anyone who is hypersensitive to the latter solvents.Thus Austen represents in her a portrait of one who is a stranger to love but wedded to reason.
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