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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwho’s whowho’s whoPOSITION/RANK a) if you know who is who within a particular organization or group, you know what each person’s name is and what job they do or what position they have I’m just getting to know who’s who in the department. b) a who’s who of something a list of the important people within a particular organization or group – often used to emphasize that many important people are involved in something The list of competitors reads like a who’s who of international tennis players. who
Examples from the Corpus
who’s whoWhen I go to those family reunions, I can never remember who's who.Which means you can follow a whole discussion, as well as check out who's who and how well respected.In fact, it really is a who's who of international canoe touring.From Seles down, the list of competitors reads like a who's who of international tennis players.Its guest-list read like a who's who of the great and the good.
Who's WhoˌWho's ˈWho  trademark a book produced every year in the UK that contains an alphabetical list of famous and important people, such as politicians, writers, and entertainers, and provides information about their achievements, their families etc. If a list of people ‘reads like a Who’s Who’ of something, it means that it contains a lot of famous people The list of guests read like a Who’s Who of the pop industry.
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