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who/what etc do you think?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwho/what etc do you think?who/what etc do you think?a) used to ask someone’s opinion Who do you think will win? b) ANGRYused when asking someone angrily about something Where do you think you’re going? think
Examples from the Corpus
who/what etc do you think?If I have a son, I think I shall send him. What do you think?Lady: What do you think is the most important aspect of herself a woman should preserve as she grows older?But what do you think my parents would think if I were to become involved with you?Q: Speaking of which, what do you think of Frank Gifford?What do you think of your manager? What do you think of our personnel policies and how they're working?Cleaving to the bosom of my grieving family? What do you think they're doing?Let's see how you rate in that area. What do you think we go in for, here in Perugia?
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