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whoever he/she is

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhoever he/she iswhoever he/she is (also whoever he/she may be)KNOW somebody used to say that you do not know who someone is You’ve got a message from Tony Gower, whoever he is. whoever
Examples from the Corpus
whoever he/she isAnd it certainly can't be her father, whoever he is.You're scared of him, aren't you, whoever he is?This guy whoever he is - he's paying.This man, whoever he is, isn't your normal nutter.Gaia as Earth Goddess: whoever she is, let's keep her.This man, whoever he is, must be very clever.Find him, whoever he is, wherever he is, before the Allies do, and bring him to Berlin.He is handsome, tall and lively, he can make whoever he is with feel important.
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