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whole lot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhole lotwhole lotinformal a) a whole lot very much I’m feeling a whole lot better. I don’t cook a whole lot anymore. b) a whole lot (of something) a large quantity or number We’re going to have a whole lot of problems if we don’t finish this by tomorrow. You can find a nice house in this neighborhood, and you don’t have to spend a whole lot. c) the whole lot especially British English all of something She gave me the whole lot for 20 pounds. whole
Examples from the Corpus
whole lotMe, I've got to wire the whole lot in.The whole lot is then regurgitated and given to mugs to drink.Probably in the early afternoon, when visitors look a whole lot less suspicious.A whole lot of meat went down those hungry throats.I done buried a whole lot of people, but she the first one I ever wondered about.All parties suffered, yet it was difficult to generate a whole lot of pity for any of them.However, it did not take a whole lot of time to qualify my actions.It was in weather like this that she had an urge to take the scissors and cut the whole lot off.
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