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wholefoodwhole‧food /ˈhəʊlfuːd $ ˈhoʊl-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFfood that is considered healthy because it only contains natural things rather than anything artificial
Examples from the Corpus
wholefoodFor wholefood enthusiasts, I would recommend buckwheat pasta rather than wholemeal, which I think is rather dull in flavour and texture.To get good dried apricots it is nowadays necessary to shop for them in wholefood and health food stores.Henderson's Salad Table Licensed wholefood restaurant with a remarkable selection of dishes.Race to Green Light wholefood shop and buy several rolls of recycled.At twelve she asked her to fetch a salad from the local wholefood bar.While the shop supplies all of the local wholefood stores and hotels, it remains very much a family concern.Naughty lunches usually wholefood take-aways eaten in Tom's friendly old nest of a bed.She follows a semi-vegetarian, wholefood diet whose virtues she frequently extols.
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