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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwholesomewhole‧some /ˈhəʊlsəm $ ˈhoʊl-/ adjective  1 HEALTHYlikely to make you healthywholesome food/fare/meal etc well-balanced wholesome meals2 GOOD/MORALconsidered to have a good moral effect good wholesome funwholesomeness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
wholesomeHe read your new book and said it was wholesome and not at all offensive.Quality controllers ensure that all our products are safe, wholesome, and of good quality.Why is it that they bestow their ardour upon the well-adjusted, wholesome architects of pop's fatal new maturity?wholesome family lifeIf a G rating hurt viewership, the ratings would actually make it harder for wholesome, family shows to survive.'Rosie's Pantry' is a small restaurant that serves good wholesome food.The good thing about this game is that it provides clean and wholesome fun for all the family.Other suggestions were wholesome, home-cooked meals or decorating the home with flowers and plants.A shift to simple wholesome living could bring long life to many more.well-balanced wholesome mealsThe diet is a wholesome one; healthy foods such as salads, wholemeal bread and semi-skimmed milk are used.He listened to the radio, to an evangelist talking about retail prayer and wholesome prayer.Sadie has defined herself against her wholesome sister, a country-folk singer who has a stable marriage and children.wholesome food/fare/meal etcThat function was not the provision of wholesome food at fair prices.A fresh, wholesome meal is served every evening in the attractive dining room.It was good wholesome fare: rye bread and cheese, apples and meat.Plain, wholesome food, well prepared.
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