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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhorehousewhore‧house /ˈhɔːhaʊs $ ˈhɔːr-/ noun [countable] informal not polite  SYSEX/HAVE SEX WITHa place where men can pay to have sex syn brothel
Examples from the Corpus
whorehouseAn earlier attempt to set up a women's refuge in Ramallah failed after city elders branded it a whorehouse.Of course, the newspapers were filled with it, and the docks, railyards, and whorehouses were jammed with soldiers.It teemed with mansions, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and whorehouses.Sounded like a goddamn whorehouse up there.The condition was that the transaction be conducted in whorehouse terms: he paid the trick, he called the shots.Conti was off in some mental whorehouse.
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