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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwide-rangingˌwide-ˈranging ●○○ adjective written  VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSincluding a wide variety of subjects, things, or people a wide-ranging discussion wide-ranging proposals to improve the rail network
Examples from the Corpus
wide-rangingThe latter part of the wide-ranging agreement has not yet been consummated.Such accounts provide detailed and wide-ranging analyses of the psychological and related discourses around these objects.Her criticism was wide-ranging and sometimes contradictory.Our discussions were wide-ranging and substantive.Urban politics itself is also a substantial subject and it too has received wide-ranging and systematic attention.Arguments for controlling or reducing the size of public expenditure are wide-ranging but not always convincing.The finished product rests in a glorious pop tradition not usually associated with a wide-ranging career like Young's.It will mean that wide-ranging corporate risks will be able to be placed with just one underwriter.Given all this, however, the successors of Ecgfrith preserved and maintained a secure realm within what were still wide-ranging frontiers.Climate change is likely to have a wide-ranging impact on human health.A wide-ranging inquiry into the qualities and styles of leaders.a wide-ranging investigationA wide-ranging survey found growing dissatisfaction among workers.
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