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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwidelywide‧ly /ˈwaɪdli/ ●●● W2 adverb  1 EVERYWHEREin a lot of different places or by a lot of people Organic food is now widely available. an author who had travelled widely in the Far East a widely used method These laws were widely regarded as too strict. This view was not widely held.2 DIFFERENTto a large degree – used when talking about differences The quality of the applicants varies widely.3 widely read
Examples from the Corpus
widelyIn the post-Bains era corporate structures have been widely adopted.Copies of the report have been made widely available.For such widely based indices, it is often not possible to short sell the index.At one time it was widely believed that the sun revolved around the Earth.A hundred years ago it was widely believed that there was life on Mars.Actually, estimates for the ratio of public spending to National Income vary widely, depending on the definitions used for each item.One of these is that there will inevitably be widely different reading speeds.And the wind loads can vary widely from one part of the building to another.Silicon Valley is widely known as California's high-tech center.Asbestos was once widely used in the building industry.The Fed chairman is widely viewed as an anti-inflation hawk.varies widelyThe quality of students' work-site experiences varies widely.But what schools teach in a certain subject or at a particular grade level still varies widely among states and counties.The thickness of the crust, for example, varies widely between continents and oceans.The percentage varies widely from stadium to stadium, arena to arena, depending on what criteria is used by tax boards.The content of these claims varies widely from the almost self-evident to the unexpected.Yet the degree to which this goal is important to people varies widely within societies and among different cultures.
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