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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwidespreadwide‧spread /ˈwaɪdspred/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective  EVERYWHEREEVERYONEexisting or happening in many places or situations, or among many people the widespread use of chemicals in agriculturewidespread support/acceptance/criticism/condemnation etc There was widespread support for the war. The storm caused widespread damage.see thesaurus at common
Examples from the Corpus
widespreadThe report claimed that the problem of police brutality was widespread.Stories of torture, murder and mass rape are widespread.Poverty in the region is widespread.The practice of adding preservatives to basic foods is widespread.The League says Swindon's football has earned them widespread admiration this season and Hoddle is a suitable and exciting choice.It is very widespread and can have real social consequences.Thanks to the widespread availability of antibiotics diseases such as typhoid have largely been eradicated.The airlines' failures were in part caused by widespread concern about air safety.Some other local housing authorities such as Islington or Walsall are pursuing schemes of widespread decentralisation of housing management.Ethiopia was suffering widespread famine and disease.Heavy rains have led to the most widespread flooding in a decade.Sometimes they echo time-honoured memories of widespread flooding in the region following the end of the last ice age.Government corruption is widespread in the country.The 1662 Act of Settlement turned this widespread local practice into the law of the land.The farmer who lives at nearby Eastbach Farm has applied for permission to dump rubbish despite widespread opposition from the village.There was now widespread public support for healthcare reform.There is widespread support for completing that road at the earliest opportunity.Racism is much more widespread than people imagine.the widespread use of computerswidespread useAirTouch is selling the phones for $ 599 each -- too steep a price to promote widespread use.Some are mainly of laboratory interest but others are clearly related to substances in more or less widespread use.It is in widespread use, and is supported by other cad systems.Whether the technology ever will gain widespread use is uncertain.The main obstacle to the widespread use of abatement techniques is the significant and variable national costs which are incurred.Discussion Despite the increasingly widespread use of oesophageal manometry, few studies have assessed its benefit to patient management.The most notable of these is the widespread use of popular theatre throughout the region.BIndustry spokesmen argue that encouraging widespread use of unconnected phones would lead to mischief and abuse.
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