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wield power/influence/authority etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwield power/influence/authority etcwield power/influence/authority etcHAVEto have a lot of power or influence, and to use it The Church wields immense power in Ireland. wield
Examples from the Corpus
wield power/influence/authority etcBut more characteristic was the visible manipulation of supernatural power by men and women who wielded authority.They weren't out to impress or wield power.Curtiss draws a picture of a sensual, self-serving middle-aged woman who wields power as well as influence.A close adviser of the dead King, he now wields power because of that King's death.Conservatism went into relative eclipse. while Labour under Clement Attlee was able to wield influence in the coalition government.Others were content to wield power in the party machines rather than in the public eye.In allowing authority figures to wield power over us indiscriminately, we surrender our rights to choose to take responsibility.
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