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wigwamwig‧wam /ˈwɪɡwæm $ -wɑːm/ noun [countable]  TBDLOa structure with a round or pointed roof used as a home by some Native American tribes in the pasttepee
Examples from the Corpus
wigwamTomatoes leaned on stakes, runner beans twined round a wigwam of canes and rambling roses rambled over their appointed places.Philip watched as the wigwam boy kicked a football at the snowman.Out of the wigwam crawled the boy who d shot the arrow.A boy looked out of a toy wigwam and fired an arrow with a rubber end at the car.Outside the nucleus, parts of the cytoplasmic skeleton form themselves into two conical structures, like the frames of two wigwams.These two wigwams lie with their wide ends together.
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