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wild boar

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wild boarˌwild ˈboar noun [countable]  HBAa large wild pig with long hair
Examples from the Corpus
wild boarWell how about a wild boar, or even a few snails?The other month I was doing a forest scene and found a wild boar some one had painted out.The huntsman killed a wild boar and cut out its heart.The origin of the ancestral wild boar is thought to be the Crimea.If swine, then big wild boar, hunting quietly in the woods for something, mooching about and turning things up.It can also be used with domestic pork to make it taste more like wild boar.The wild boar had been hiding behind a large and actually rather unconvincing bush for a hundred years or so.He walks along a narrow path to a ridge where wild boar, hyenas and the golden mole rat occasionally roam.
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