Language: Old English
Origin: wilde


1 adjective
Related topics: Cards, Nature
wild1 S3 W2


[usually before noun]HB living in a natural state, not changed or controlled by people [≠ tame]:
a field full of wild flowers
animals both wild and domesticated


not used by people for farming, building etc:
Nepal is stunning, with its wild, untamed landscape.
the wild and lonely Scottish hills


feeling or expressing strong uncontrolled emotions, especially anger, happiness, or excitement:
wild laughter
wild with
He was wild with rage.


behaving in an uncontrolled, sometimes violent way:
She was completely wild in high school.
Donny could be wild and crazy.
There was a wild look about her (=she seemed a little crazy).

go wild

a) to behave in a very excited uncontrolled way:
The crowd went wild as soon as the singer stepped onto the stage.
b) to get very angry:
When Tony heard how much it was going to cost, he just went wild.


informal very enjoyable and exciting:
'How was the party?' 'It was wild!'

be wild about something/somebody

informal to like something or someone very much:
My son's wild about football.
I'm not that wild about rap music, to be honest.

without careful thought

done or said without much thought or care, or without knowing all the facts:
wild accusations
I'm just making a wild guess here, so correct me if I'm wrong.

beyond somebody's wildest dreams

beyond anything that someone imagined or hoped for:
an invention that was to change our lives beyond our wildest dreams

not/never in your wildest dreams

used to say that you did not expect or imagine that something would happen, especially after it has happened:
Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to win first place.


DN violent and strong:
a wild and angry sea

card games

DGC a card that is wild can be used to represent any other card in a game
wildness noun [uncountable]
wild card

; ➔ sow your wild oats

at sow1 (3)

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