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wildlifewild‧life /ˈwaɪldlaɪf/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  HBanimals and plants growing in natural conditions measures to protect the area’s wildlife the destruction of wildlife habitats
Examples from the Corpus
wildlifeThere she started her career as a wildlife artist.Originally, collecting wildlife art was more of an avocation for us.Strong science-based strategies for wildlife conservation have emerged over the last one hundred years.I wonder if the company have any idea how much wildlife has been killed by the lack of water.The park has an abundance of wildlife.The maximum punishment for illegally killing and selling fish or wildlife is $ 30,000 and a year in jail.The organization was set up to protect wildlife across Europe.Rare wildlife, national parks and villages are all threatened.Today, hunting is no longer allowed and tourists visit these national parks to view and photograph the wildlife in their natural habitats.These tiny havens are where the wildlife you see in your neighborhood retreat.The Sea of Cortez is rich with wildlife.wildlife habitatsCounty Durham needs its pockets of green land and wildlife habitats for endangered species.Land could be sold off or developed, causing significant harm to present areas of natural beauty and important wildlife habitats.The most popular purposes for the grants are enhancement of the landscape and the creation of new wildlife habitats.This project will estimate the benefits and costs of wildlife habitats and compare the results using different valuation techniques.They believe this action must be taken to prevent widespread destruction of wildlife habitats.One option is to restore wildlife habitats.Over the years a mix of tree species of varying ages has been established creating valuable wildlife habitats.It covers 237,216 acres of mountains, lakes, and river valleys, providing varied wildlife habitats.
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