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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwileswiles /waɪlz/ noun [plural]  INTELLIGENTclever talk or tricks used to persuade someone to do what you want It was impossible to resist her feminine wiles.
Examples from the Corpus
wilesNo, let such fellows as Williams be taken in by her artful wiles!Make it very clear that when she's in your atmosphere, her wiles are completely inert.Their wiles are starting to work.Women with uncooperative husbands were forced to resort either to wiles such as these or to abortion.They valued wiles, street smarts, never education.Am I proud of resorting to stereotypical womanly wiles when I am supposed to be a postmodernist feminist egalitarian?feminine wilesSurely he wasn't implying that she had been trying out her feminine wiles on Sam?He somehow managed to resist all my feminine wiles.I am, of course, no stranger to feminine wiles.
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