Language: Old English
Origin: wille, from wyllan 'to wish for, want, intend to'


1 modal verb
will1 S1 W1 negative short form won't


used to make future tenses:
A meeting will be held next Tuesday at 3 p.m.
What time will she arrive?
I hope they won't be late.
Maybe by then you will have changed your mind.

willing to do something

used to show that someone is willing or ready to do something:
Dr Weir will see you now.
The baby won't eat anything.


spoken used to ask someone to do something:
Will you phone me later?
Shut the door, will you?

what generally happens

used to say what always happens in a particular situation or what is generally true:
Oil will float on water.
Accidents will happen.


used like 'can' to show what is possible:
This car will hold five people comfortably.


used to say that you think something is true:
That will be Tim coming home now.
As you will have noticed, there are some gaps in the data.

giving orders

spoken used to give an order or to state a rule:
Will you be quiet!
You will do as I say.
Every employee will carry an identity card at all times.


spoken used to offer something to someone or to invite them to do something:
Will you have some more tea?
Won't you have a seat?

annoying habit

spoken used to describe someone's habits, especially when you think they are annoying:
Trish will keep asking damn silly questions.

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