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willing helper/volunteer/partner etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwilling helper/volunteer/partner etcwilling helper/volunteer/partner etcENTHUSIASTICsomeone who is eager to help etc and does not have to be persuaded I soon had an army of willing helpers. willing
Examples from the Corpus
willing helper/volunteer/partner etcFor example, a teacher who says that she thinks some of the dolls need bathing will soon have some willing helpers.Non-horsy spouses and relatives can be trained for this role, but they must be willing helpers!Find yourself a willing partner and sit facing each other.I belong to several organisations, some are small and local who need willing helpers and supporters.Any Texas prisoner who finds a willing partner on the outside is allowed to be married.There may be a willing volunteer or a professional person specially appointed, but this may not be easy to find.You take one pair of ends, your willing helper takes the other, and off you go.Why should he bother, when he had a willing partner waiting back in his rooms?
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