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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwillowywil‧low‧y /ˈwɪləʊi $ -loʊi/ adjective  THIN PERSONtall, thin, and graceful She was pale and willowy, with violet eyes.
Examples from the Corpus
willowyShe need not be beautiful in the traditional sense of Anglo-Saxon beauty: tall, blond and willowy.Anastasia was willowy and graceful, with grey eyes and long, straight red hair.Clusters of tall, willowy bamboos rose out of ten pale-pink marble planters and almost touched the high triple-domed ceiling.In contrast to Francesca, who was tall and willowy, Diana was small and curvy.It consisted of a willowy double branch of a tree.Outside, a fair, willowy girl and a heavy-set woman in white were walking across the lawn.Her long willowy legs splayed outwards into a balletic second.Blonde Patsy, who is eight months pregnant, looked a far cry from the willowy screen siren bedded by Mel Gibson.She was pale and willowy, with a large mouth and the most amazing violet eyes that you ever did see.Tania was tall and willowy with topaz eyes.But not a willowy woman, rather an outright presence.
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