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wind/air/water resistance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwind/air/water resistancewind/air/water resistanceTTTEMthe way in which wind, air, or water can cause a moving object such as a car, plane, or boat to slow down resistance
Examples from the Corpus
wind/air/water resistanceThis holds precisely because all objects fall at the same speed under gravity. Air resistance is being ignored here.A car that squats low meets less wind resistance.The actual path taken by the orbiter is complex and designed to minimize the effect of air resistance on the craft.A 3-phase 15° step-angle variable-reluctance motor has a rated phase current 01 2.0A and a phase winding resistance of 5.0 ohms.If you want to lower the wind resistance on a car body how low do you want to get it?Naturally the water resistance was less, but modern tanning processes have improved leathers considerably.
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