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winds of change/freedom/public opinion etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwinds of change/freedom/public opinion etcwinds of change/freedom/public opinion etcCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTused to refer to things that have important effects, and that cannot be stopped The winds of change are blowing through the entire organization. wind
Examples from the Corpus
winds ... blowingWinds blowing over lakes pick up a tremendous amount of moisture which is then precipitated downwind of the lakes.There are almost no trees, the sun is merciless, and extensive erosion is caused by winds blowing from the north.One trusts that the desert winds blowing through Vegas this week represent the winds of change for the better in boxing.Chill falls the rain, night winds are blowing, Dreary and dark's the way we are going.Steady offshore winds keep blowing the water westward where it becomes heated.
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