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windsweptwind‧swept /ˈwɪndswept/ adjective  1 DNa place that is windswept is often windy because there are not many trees or buildings to protect it windswept moors2 UNTIDYhair, clothes etc that are windswept have been blown around by the wind
Examples from the Corpus
windsweptStrange, windswept cliffs of sandstone break through rolling hills of soft, powdery soil.A story of indiscretion and retribution set in windswept Cornwall.the windswept Montana plainsLight a candle there on a windswept night, and you might just catch a glimpse of him.These tall, uniform boxes are set back from the street, isolated by windswept plazas.What my traveling companion remembered from the mid 1970s as a lonely, windswept point has become a bustling little town.
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