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wine and dine somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwine and dine somebodywine and dine somebodyDLINVITEto entertain someone well with a meal, wine etc Companies spend millions wining and dining clients. wine
Examples from the Corpus
wine and dine somebodyHe knows they are only interested in exploiting the collective assets, wining and dining, and riding in official cars.He was well wined and dined by the Wolverhampton chamber of commerce last Friday.They will all be wined and dined in our private box.Did he tell you to plant this here while he wined and dined me?He wined and dined Princess Diana after supporting her favourite ballet school show.Companies spend millions wining and dining their clients.The winner will receive two free wine and dine tickets on the preserved railway of his/her choice.Rest it on your conscience if you wine and dine your lover and claim client entertainment.
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