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wine/coal/timber etc merchant

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwine/coal/timber etc merchantwine/coal/timber etc merchantsomeone whose job is to buy and sell wine, coal etc, or a small company that does this He had a job with an Edinburgh wine merchant. merchant
Examples from the Corpus
wine/coal/timber etc merchantThe 13 coal merchants and some of the 12 corn and seed merchants no doubt operated from the wharf.The worst was a coal merchant.Consumers should go there only with guidance from a capable wine merchant or reviewer.Whigham's Wine Cellar Attached to the famous wine merchants.Take time to shop around; get to know your local wine merchant or investigate your local supermarket.Branches of timber merchants, such as W H Newson, stock a range of hardwood mouldings for you to put up yourself.Other services provided by Co-operative societies include undertakers, coal merchants and opticians.
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