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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwinerywin‧e‧ry /ˈwaɪnəri/ noun (plural wineries) [countable]  a place where wine is made and storedvineyard
Examples from the Corpus
wineryEven California wineries have joined in the fun.Eden winery, PlumpJack is looking to make a name for itself as a producer of super-premium Cabernet Sauvignons.Preston, an excellent winery, has been having more success with marsanne.Our modern winery produces wines which have won international Gold Awards.Its restaurant at the winery has become a $ 5 million annual breadwinner.Although wines made by Cox will be sold through 1998, his death is a tragic blow to the winery.It still amazes me that this winery can produce such good wines in such massive quantities.
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