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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwinnerwin‧ner /ˈwɪnə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 WIN[countable] a person or animal that has won something opp loserwinner of the winner of the Ladies’ Championship Five lucky winners will each receive a signed copy of the album. As a jockey he rode 10 winners.prize/award/medal etc winner a Nobel prize winner2 [countable] informalSUCCESSFUL someone or something that is or is likely to be very popular and successful The book has proved to be a winner with young children. The company seems to be onto a winner (=doing something that is likely to be successful).3 [singular] a goal or point that makes someone win a game such as football or tennis Moran scored the winner with only two minutes left.4 [countable usually plural] the person who gets most of the advantages from a situation opp loser In a capitalist society there will always be winners and losers. The real winners this summer have been the sun cream manufacturers.
Examples from the Corpus
winnerStudying drama as a winner of a Commonwealth Fellowship, Cooke traveled throughout the country in the summer of 1933.For every movie they let go beyond two hours, they secretly think they have an Academy Award winner.a Grammy winnerBoth are course and distance hurdle winners - Capolla Jack in record time.On Thursday the judges will be announcing the winner of this year's Booker prize.The crowd roared as the winner crossed the finishing line.The winner will receive a prize of $500.The winners will be drawn on 14 December 1992.winner ofthe winner of the PGA tourbe a winner withArnica is a winner with sprains as well and that should be followed up with a course of Rhus Tox.scored the winnerCrumplin scored the winner with a spectacular diving header six minutes from time after good work from Clive Walker and Gary Chivers.Sheedy equalized with four minutes left, and Mountfield scored the winner in extra time.winners and losersIn every budget season, there are winners and losers.Everywhere arguments were breaking out between debtors and creditors, winners and losers.The poor are a logical consequence of competitive economics; winners and losers, rich and poor.This was not a simple determination to make: After six months I knew who my winners and losers were.So too has the gap separating winners and losers.Sir Patrick Mayhew must have been hoping for some winners and losers, as he considers how to kick-start his talks process.There are some surprising -- and not so surprising -- winners and losers among the areas, which are listed alphabetically.The market should determine the winners and losers -- not the government.
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