win‧ner S3 W2
1 [countable] a person or animal that has won something
winner of
the winner of the Ladies' Championship
Five lucky winners will each receive a signed copy of the album.
As a jockey he rode 10 winners.
prize/award/medal etc winner
a Nobel prize winner
2 [countable] informal someone or something that is or is likely to be very popular and successful:
The book has proved to be a winner with young children.
The company seems to be onto a winner (=doing something that is likely to be successful).
3 [singular] a goal or point that makes someone win a game such as football or tennis:
Moran scored the winner with only two minutes left.
4 [countable usually plural] the person who gets most of the advantages from a situation:
In a capitalist society there will always be winners and losers.
The real winners this summer have been the suncream manufacturers.

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