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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwinowi‧no /ˈwaɪnəʊ $ -noʊ/ noun (plural winos) [countable]  informalDRUNK someone who drinks a lot of alcohol and lives on the streets
Examples from the Corpus
winoAt a corner of the fence, a wino was sullenly pissing on newspapers and old leaves.I ended up hanging with people nobody liked-junkies, winos, potheads, hookers.The square was empty, except for a pair of winos sleeping it off under the statue.An old wino had stopped a young man in his late teens who was carrying a huge sack of groceries.The Skid Row winos, shaky with the bars being closed for election, came out and got their bottles of muscatel.Quinn had passed it many times before, and he was familiar with the winos and vagabonds who hung around the place.The wino leaned and leered at her from behind the cover of the chip man's mighty stomach.The only whites in the area were winos and dealers, and they mostly ended up in the river.
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