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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwintrywin‧try /ˈwɪntri/ (also wintery /ˈwɪntəri/) adjective  1 COLDcold or typical of wintersummery a wintry day wintry showers2 a wintry smile or expression is not very friendly
Examples from the Corpus
wintryHer smiles were few and wintry.Outside it was a cold wintry day, but Anne felt safe and warm inside by the fire.The scriptorium was poorly lighted; and on wintry days, the cold freely penetrated and benumbed the body of the scribe.Experienced Iowa Republican activists suggest that undecided voters may stay home on what is likely to be a raw wintry evening.a wintry February morningLarge dark pines stood like sentinels guarding the sweep of wintry garden.We walked in the wintry Perthshire countryside and were happy and at peace, refusing to think beyond the present.We can expect a few wintry showers on the northern hills.She stared alone, and nomole appeared upon the wintry slopes below.The wintry street rolled by too slowly.
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