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wipe the floor with somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwipe the floor with somebodywipe the floor with somebodyinformalBEAT/DEFEAT to defeat someone completely in a competition or argument wipe
Examples from the Corpus
wipe the floor with somebodyThe magazine Jamming saw the band wipe the floor with all opposition in all categories outside the female sections.It was never his habit to try to wipe the floor with anyone.She was about to wipe the floor with her enemies.She had thought he would wipe the floor with her if he ever learned of her deception.Yet Oakland were also supposed to wipe the floor with Los Angeles a year ago.I'd think twice before I started a fight with him - he'd wipe the floor with me!And had I not wiped the floor with the little squirt, conversationally speaking?Have your best conversationalists around to tea or dinner and Richard would wipe the floor with them.This is good because it prevents the enemy character wiping the floor with your Goblins.
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