Language: Old English
Origin: wis; WISE1


wis‧dom [uncountable]
1 good sense and judgment, based especially on your experience of life:
a man of great wisdom
question/doubt the wisdom of (doing) something
Local people are questioning the wisdom of spending so much money on a new road.
You can always expect a few words of wisdom from Dave.

➔ pearls of wisdom

at pearl (3)
2 knowledge gained over a long period of time through learning or experience:
the collected wisdom of many centuries

(the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdom

a belief or opinion that most people have:
The conventional wisdom is that boys mature more slowly than girls.

in somebody's (infinite) wisdom

humorous used to say that you do not understand why someone has decided to do something:
The boss, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to reorganize the whole office yet again.

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