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wish somebody (the best of) luck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwish somebody (the best of) luckwish somebody (the best of) luckto tell someone that you hope they will be successful in something they are going to do She wished me luck in the exam, then left. luck
Examples from the Corpus
wish somebody (the best of) luckEveryone wished each other good luck and Mould, Matron and Endill headed off to the library.Yet at the start of the day both sides had wished each other luck.But had we sat down with her, we would have wished her good luck.Well, I wish you luck.I wish him luck and hope that after a couple of years he is transferred back!James wished me good luck and dashed off home.She wishes me luck, opens the door to the bathroom, and disappears into a cloud of steam.Lineker and Paul Gascoigne have both been in touch with Spurs to wish them good luck for the new season.
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