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with a heavy heart

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith a heavy heartwith a heavy heartliterarySAD/UNHAPPY feeling very sad It was with a heavy heart that Kate said goodbye. heavy
Examples from the Corpus
with a heavy heartEve had spent the day wandering around Dublin with a heavy heart.I bowed to superior will and entered journalism with a heavy heart.Many Opposition Members who will obey the three-line Whip and vote against the motion will do so with a heavy heart.She made her way to the cells with a heavy heart.Lisa glanced defeatedly at the pile of papers, then with a heavy heart she gathered them up.Virginia went up to her bedroom with a heavy heart, to change out of the clothes she'd worn all day.Here is a soldier who was waiting, with a heavy heart, to suffer and die in battle.She gave her letter to the postman with a heavy heart, wondering if she would ever see her sister again.
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