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with a view to (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith a view to (doing) somethingwith a view to (doing) somethingPLANbecause you are planning to do something in the future We bought the house with a view to retiring there. view
Examples from the Corpus
with a view to (doing) somethingThey've torn down the old buildings with a view to renovating the whole neighborhood.The Commerce Clause was not drawn with a view to having the validity of state laws turn on such pointless distinctions.Once a year, take a look at how your investments have performed, with a view to dumping the persistent laggards.The public policy of the United States is shaped with a view to the benefit of the nation as a whole.Loyalists are rumoured to be arming themselves, with a view to throwing the federal government out of the kingdom.
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