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with an eye to (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith an eye to (doing) somethingwith an eye to (doing) somethingTO/IN ORDER TOif you do something with an eye to doing something else, you do it in order to make the second thing more likely to happen Most novels are published with an eye to commercial success. eye
Examples from the Corpus
with an eye to (doing) somethingHe had the personality for it, strong, aggressive and with an eye to a bargain.Departments with an eye to the ratings tend to appoint established researchers with proven records, rather than younger, unpublished candidates.These are also designed with an eye to reassuring those who did well out of the switch from rates to poll tax.Each side was building its forces with an eye to gaining military supremacy.He recently shed a number of pounds, which even some friends say he lost with an eye to a national race.Lord Taylor's main point is to suggest that judges should pass sentence with an eye to the public's expectations.So she works with an eye to adjusting the Outside world too.
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