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with flying colours

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith flying colourswith flying coloursPASS A TESTif you pass a test with flying colours, you are very successful in it flying
Examples from the Corpus
with flying coloursAnd they now look set to promote more harmonious race relations in the community after passing with flying colours.Fortunately, like the other tests, the 31-year-old convent-educated beauty passed with flying colours.He passed his exams with flying colours.He would have passed it with flying colours.Now he's gone back to driving school in an effort to pass with flying colours.So far James has never given a scrap of trouble and has passed his MoT test with flying colours.Trinity High School has just been inspected by Ofsted and come out with flying colours.The Honey Thieves are a band who would graduate with flying colours from such a straight-forward system of appraisal.
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