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with/in regard to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith/in regard to somethingwith/in regard to somethingformalABOUT relating to a particular subject US foreign policy with regard to Cuba regard
Examples from the Corpus
with/in regard to somethingOne last comment in regard to scheduling your research work when it involves travel time.Chaotic behaviour is important, for example, with regard to the weather.This already has a remarkable implication with regard to the way that space and time should be viewed.Important changes are being made in regard to security.That power can be exercised only with regard to vessels flying the flag of the member state concerned or registered there.It also makes palpable the fear that can consume people in regard to those different from themselves.But Walsh's position was not as polarized as Thornton's with regard to the others.How our sensibilities in regard to social and ecological problems have evolved over the last 40 years.I wish that they also took the same view with regard to the prison card.
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