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with it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith itwith itinformal a) FASHIONABLEwearing fashionable clothes and knowing about new ideas syn trendy b) ENERGETICable to understand clearly what is happening around you I’m sorry, I’m not feeling very with it today. with-it with
Examples from the Corpus
with itAs you can see, the main mistake people make with carbohydrate is to use too much fat with it.Because corruption thrives where money flows, Customs has been particularly riddled with it.I get into the text and go with it.It scared off other pianists until the late 1920s, when Horowitz began to enjoy great success with it.Let him think that he's getting away with it.Maybe face part of the house with it.The patients were asked whether they still had the pain and if so whether they had learnt to live with it.The timber went in the twenties and the shooting with it.
with-itˈwith-it adjective  FASHIONABLEfashionable and modern in the way that you dress, think etc syn trendy with it at with(22)
Examples from the Corpus
with-itWhen it comes to music, dad's not very with-it.I'm sorry I'm not very with-it today - could you repeat that?