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with military precision

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith military precisionwith military precisionif you do something with military precision, you do it in a very organized and exact way The trips are planned with military precision. military
Examples from the Corpus
with military precisionCell divisions of the mammalian egg are unlike those of lower animals where the planes of division appear with military precision.It was clear that the Great Casterton defences had been planned and carried out in an unhurried manner and with military precision.They had a disciplined system, and Captain Burrows ruled the household with military precision.Due to their weight and size the ancient fossils were handled with military precision as they were placed inside the monstrous fire-breathing cart.Then, with military precision, signs, flags and other outward markings will change.Lott put together a whip organization that worked with military precision to deliver the votes.
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