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with respect to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith respect to somethingwith respect to somethingformalCONNECTED WITH a) concerning or in relation to something the freedom of a property owner to make a contract with respect to his property b) used to introduce a new subject, or to return to one that has already been mentioned With respect to your request, I am not yet able to agree. respect
Examples from the Corpus
with respect to somethingWith respect to your second question, it's still too early to tell.Clearly, however, we are never going to settle our religious differences with respect to education through the political process.How is it that observers moving with different uniform velocities can be equivalent with respect to Minkowskian geometry?The availability of accurate information with respect to the current sales enables sophisticated marketing capable of responding to consumers' preferences.If he or she is successful, equilibrium is attained for the moment with respect to the particular stimulus.The contradictions that remain are challenging - not only with respect to de Beauvoir's life but also in relation to our own lives.Analysts produced a detailed report, particularly with respect to the system's cost.The Moon does not rotate with respect to Earth.In the philosophical tradition there have been two tendencies with respect to epistemological concerns and concerns about the social order.The purpose of introducing another function here would be to allow the outputs to vary with respect to time.
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