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with somebody/something in mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith somebody/something in mindwith somebody/something in mindconsidering someone or something when doing something, and taking suitable action Most gardens designed with children in mind are safe but dull. With these aims in mind, the school operates a broad-based curriculum. mind
Examples from the Corpus
with somebody/something in mindAnd with this in mind she returned to the reception desk to ask Stella if she could use the phone.Choose your audience with that possibility in mind.At any rate, should not the New Testament material be studied critically and carefully with these questions in mind?Several new milk products are being developed with this goal in mind, and there are two notable entries in the field.Everything she did she did with Peter in mind.Our actions have meaning because we are responsible agents who carry them out with a purpose in mind.We mention it particularly with Blackpool trippers in mind.She said one homeowner recently purchased an extra large van with that in mind.
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