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with that

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith thatwith thatIMMEDIATELYimmediately after doing or saying something He gave a little wave and with that he was gone. with
Examples from the Corpus
with thatIt has very little - nothing - to do with that.Be careful with that audio recording.All with that Donahue sense of nice-guys-can-do-this attitude.Stick with that idea of hearing the lovely sounds of good golf.There's nothing wrong with that, Miss Honey.Though an opponent of the more rigid scholastics, Weigel sought a reconciliation of modern philosophy with that of Aristotle.Most of us live with that possibility because it is part of the human condition to know that disaster can strike.There is an aesthetic, if we can dignify it with that word, which distinguishes blood sports from each other.
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