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with your bare hands

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith your bare handswith your bare handsPMWPERSONALLY/YOURSELFwithout using a weapon or a tool He had killed a man with his bare hands. bare
Examples from the Corpus
with your bare handsHe was capable of killing a man with his bare hands.I reached out to feel your forehead, but you burned so hot I could not touch you with my bare hands.Oyama is famous for fighting bulls with his bare hands.The novices empty vats of mutton scraps into the dustbins and pack them down with their bare hands.The shaman broke the bones with his bare hands, and used the jagged edges to scratch at his bark.He'd strangled two children with his bare hands, then called the police to give himself up.With their bare hands, they fought to save the man who had an ear ripped off in the attack.Firemen dug with their bare hands to free Gemma Kitchiner from the storage pit on her parents' farm.They'll fight with their bare hands to protect their homeland.
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