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with your eyes open

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwith your eyes openwith your eyes openKNOW somethingknowing fully what the problems, difficulties, results etc of a situation might be I’ve no one to blame but myself – I went into this deal with my eyes open. eye
Examples from the Corpus
with your eyes openThree days after that, I learned that I could begin the ascent with my eyes open.The young man was gazing straight ahead, as if asleep with his eyes open.She lies there in the dark, with her eyes open, keeping watch.They went into the deal with their eyes open.He was just lying there looking at her as if he was dreaming with his eyes open.They will be tough with you, so that you go into self-employment with your eyes open.She lies with her eyes open, listening to his noisy jerking-off and then his snores.And we lie there, with our eyes open, waiting for the sun.There are some people who get bored who can just fall asleep, standing up with their eyes open.
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